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Save Time. Save Money. Stay Cool! 

Empower staff and students to maximize their productivity wherever they are.


Prevent cross contamination with airtight & sealed compartments

Energy efficient & space-saving, designed to fit into any modern space

Choose between Wi-Fi or LTE for communications connectivity

Cloud monitoring and troubleshooting for all LunchLockers


We know how important it is for people to have a secure and convenient storage solution in shared spaces.


We also believe LunchLocker can help you save time and money during those busy days. During our time at university, we realized there was limited access to food storage on campus. We spent our short breaks running to find healthy food on a limited budget. That’s when LunchLocker was born! We built a solution for safe storage of food and medicine in shared spaces.

Our goal at LunchLocker is to help maximize your productivity wherever you are!

A few of the places you'll find us...


Ready to join the LunchLocker crew?

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